recording google slides with snagit

How to Record Google Slides with Snagit

You’ve made a presentation with Google Slides. Fantastic. Awesome work. Now you’ve got a problem. You need to show this presentation to someone that is a thousand miles away. Or perhaps you have students that are turning in their presentation as part of a project and you want to have a recording of said presentation.…

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An Introduction to Google Slides

How to Create a Presentation with Google Slides

In today’s video, I give you a brief introduction and tutorial on how to create a presentation with Google Slides. Of course, Slides is one of the many tools accessible with a standard Google account or a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. Watch the Video Below Part of your life as a teacher and…

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foundations of the flipped classroom

Foundations of the Flipped Classroom

I prepared this video as part of a research project, so some of the dialogue is geared towards those particpating in that project.  However, I didn’t want to allow this content to go unshared with the TeachFlip community. This video provides a great overview of exactly what the flipped classroom is and the basic tools…

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what is teachflip

What is TeachFlip?

As the first videos from TeachFlip get ready to launch, I thought I’d put together a short video that offers you a glimpse of what you can expect to learn from TeachFlip. Also, I wanted to show off a great tool I found to make great animated drawing videos like this one called VideoScribe. I…

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win an itunes gift card

Enter to Win the TeachFlip Pre-launch Giveaway!

It’s time to start the TeachFlip Pre-launch Giveaway! To help spread the word (shamelessly) about this new site and to get as many crowdsourced ideas as I can about which EdTech tools people want to see in a video tutorial, I’m giving away a $25 iTunes gift card to one lucky winner! Since we’ll be…

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12 types of blog posts

12 Types of Blog Posts For Your Next Teacher Blog

Yes, I’m a big fan of teachers becoming bloggers.  I’ve talked about how creative teachers have to be and how the only way you get more creative is to actually get out and create something. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own teacher blog, I recommend you start out with your own self-hosted WordPress…

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The 7 Characteristics of a Digitally Competent Teacher

When I first had the idea for TeachFlip, I wanted to primarily focus on creating training that would help teachers implement the flipped classroom model. Little did I know that idea was really just the beginning of this site that is slowly developing into a resource not just for flipping the classroom, but for providing…

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make amazing classroom videos

The Video That Proves You Have No Excuse Not To Create Videos for Your Classroom

I thought I’d kick off the blog here at TeachFlip with a bit of inspiration for those of you that are still trying to decide if you should (or better yet can) create videos to use in your classroom. You’ve got many questions rolling around in your brain about what type of equipment you’ll need,…

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